At Regal TI, it’s not just about numbers; it’s about the people behind those numbers. Our greatness stems from a team that’s diverse, passionate, and dedicated. Every member brings their own unique experience to the table, ensuring our services are enriched with various perspectives. It’s this collective knowledge that helps us navigate the complex world of tax and insurance with ease.


Our team’s shared passion is evident in the results we deliver and the relationships we build with our clients. While each member boasts unique skills and backgrounds, what binds us together is our unwavering dedication to Regal TI’s mission. Whether it’s a fresh perspective from a recent graduate or the seasoned approach of a veteran, our team harmoniously blends these attributes, ensuring you get the best of both worlds.


Simply put, Regal TI thrives on teamwork, passion, and the combined expertise of its members. We believe that our strength lies in our diversity and our shared commitment to excellence. It’s this synergy of skills, experiences, and dedication that makes Regal TI not just another firm but a place where expertise meets passion, and clients truly feel the difference.

Managing Director

Malik Hayat

Malik Hayat has a strong background in corporate America, with almost 20 years of experience. He’s worked in the aviation industry with companies like American Airlines, Emirates, and IATA. Additionally, he’s been an Insurance Professional for over 15 years, successfully running a former Allstate Insurance Agency.

Managing Partner

Safi Malik

Safi Malik, a dynamic and passionate entrepreneur, proudly serves as the Managing Partner of Regal. With a strong background in Business Development and Marketing, Safi has played a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth and success. Additionally, Safi Malik holds the vital role of an Insurance Agent for Regal, ensuring that clients receive expert guidance and top-notch insurance solutions.

Tax Consultant

Daniela Schachar

Daniela Schachar, with nearly 8 years of experience in the tax and accounting industry, has built a reputation for her dedication and experience. Beginning her journey at H&R Block, she served diligently for 5 years, laying a strong foundation for her career. Transitioning to Regal TI as a Tax Consultant, Daniela has been instrumental in upholding the company’s philosophy.